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2010 Season Photos - Genesius Guild

Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Photo page 1 - Photo page 2

~ click thumbnails for larger photo ~

A Fairy (Claira Hart), Puck (Stephanie Moeller), and 2 HooDoos (Lexi Holtzer, Hanna Munden) Titania (Faith Rebekah) and Puck
Moth (Sarah Loula), Peaseblossom (Michaela Garrison), Cobweb (Hannah King), Mustardseed (Ava Miller) Demetrius (Paul Workman) and Hermia (Lisa Pilgrim)
Faries and hooDoos cover Titania for her sleep. Oberon ( Adam Overberg) casts a spell on Titania.
Pucks watches as Bottom (Bob Hanske) comes in as an ass. From left: Snout (Ann Miller), Puck, Starveling (Mike Callahan), Flute (Philip Tunnicliff), Bottom, Quince (Tim Miller) Snout tells Bottom he is an ass.
Titania naps with her new love. Titania discovers she had fallen in love with an ass.

all photos copyright The Genesius Guild
Photographer: Douglas Tschopp



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