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Play introduction by Don Wooten - audio podcast - text (PDF)
Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electra_(Sophocles)
Read the play online - http://classics.mit.edu/Sophocles/electra.html

Last performed by the Genesius Guild in 2008 ~ Photos

Sophocles' tale of family murder is rather like a chapter in a book about four generations of a disfunctional family. Elektra's mother murdered her husband, Agamemnon, in retaliation for his sacrifice of their daughter, Iphigenia, in order to secure a favorable wind for the Greek army heading for Troy.

Now, Elektra wants her revenge and awaits the return of her younger brother, Orestes, to kill their mother and her lover, Aegisthus. Orestes was spirited away at the time of Agamemnon's slaughter. The boy is now a man and sets about planning and carrying out his sister's wishes.