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Play introduction by Don Wooten - audio podcast - text (PDF)
Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MacBeth
Read the play online - http://shakespeare.mit.edu/macbeth/index.html

Last performed by the Genesius Guild in 2015 ~ Photos

One of Shakespeare's major tragedies, the familiar story of ambition defeating itself. Macbeth and his wife plot to kill King Duncan and take power in Scotland. He is prompted to this action by prophecies from three witches who lie and tell the truth at the same time.

The fascinating character study begins with Lady Macbeth resolute in her ambition and Macbeth tortured by his conscience. By play's end, he has become a practiced killer and she is driven mad by remorse.

The play compresses the actual 17-year reign of Macbeth into a play of intense brevity; a fascinating blend of history and the supernatural.