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Rock Island, IL 61201
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In years past, the Genesius Guild received significant funding from local and state governments. With the 2009 economic crisis, governments on the local and state levels were forced to tighten their funding, and before long, the Guild's governmental funding became little-to-nothing.

Thanks to invididual donors, support from local foundations, and sponsorships from local businesses, the Genesius Guild has been able to continue providing free theater to the Quad Cities for the last few years. However, it has meant operating on a shoestring budget to make ends meet, and depends heavily on the generosity of major donors.

The Genesius Guild Theatre Foundation recently began a campaign to build an endowment fund. If the Guild can build an endowment, it will provide a steady source of income, reducing the ongoing reliance on individual donors.

You can help us as we build an endowment in several ways:

1. Send a check
See What Your Gift Does

The Genesius Theatre Foundation 
1120 40th Street
Rock Island, IL 61201

2. When you donate through Birdies for Charity, we receive an additional 5-10% match from the John Deere Classic. Download the Birdies for Charity pledge card here

3. Donate online through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account)

4. Do your Amazon shopping through Amazon Smile. Amazon donates a percentage of each purchase to the Genesius Guild. Just use this link to add the Guild as your recipient.

Live in Iowa?
For Iowa residents, the Endow Iowa Tax Credit Program offers generous tax incentives to help you give more for less. By giving through the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend, Iowa taxpayers may apply for the tax credit. More info

$ 50                            Scripts for one play
$150                          Props for one play                        
$200                          Crew for one production
$250                          Costumes for one play
$350                          2 Virtual Broadcasts in the 2020 season
$550                          Equipment Replacement
$750                          Costumer(s) for one production
$1,000                      Director for one play
$1,500                      Utilities and maintenance for the costume house
$2,000                      Marketing for the entire season
$2,500                      One weekend of performances of a play
$5,000                      “Dinner with Don”—a delightful evening of dinner and discussion of the Guild’s work
$10,000                    Production costs for 4 weekends
$20,000                    Production costs for the entire season