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1997-2006 SEASONS

Euripides: Alcestis
Shakespeare: Midsummer Night's Dream
Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet
Aristophanes: The Frogs
Ballet Under the Stars

Euripides: Elektra
Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew
Shakespeare: Julius Caesar
Aristophanes: The Clouds
Ballet Under the Stars

Sophocles: Ajax
Shakespeare: Two Gentlemen of Verona
Shakespeare: Richard II
Aristophanes: Thesmophoriazusae
Ballet Under the Stars

Aeschylus: The Suppliants
Shakespeare: Twelfth Night
Shakespeare: Richard III
Aristophanes: Ecclesiazusae
Ballet Under the Stars

Fry: A Phoenix Too Frequent; Shaw: The Dark Lady Of the SonnetsĀ 
Euripides: The Trojan Women
Shakespeare: Hamlet
Aristophanes: The Acharnians

Puccini: Gianni Schicchi
Ballet Under the Stars
The Religious Theatre of Henri Gheon:
"The Parade At the Devil’s Bridge"
"The Miracle of St. Nicholas and the School Clerks"
"The Sausage-Maker’s Interlude"
Aeschylus: Prometheus Bound
Shakespeare: Macbeth
Aristophanes: The Wasps

Gilbert & Sullivan: Trial by Jury
Shakespeare: Henry IV, Part One, Prince Hal
Euripides: The Bacchae
Shakespeare: Henry IV, Part Two, Falstaff
Aristophanes: Plutus
Ballet Quad Cities Production: “Ballet Under the Stars”

Larsen: Barnum's Bird
Shakespeare: Merry Wives of Windsor
Sophocles: Oedipus Rex
Shakespeare: Othello
Aristophanes: Peace
Ballet Quad Cities Production: “Ballet Under the Stars”

Gilbert & Sullivan: Pirates Of Penzance
Sophocles: Oedipus At Colonus
Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing
Aristophanes: The Knights
Ballet Quad Cities Production: “Ballet Under the Stars”

Gilbert & Sullivan: The Mikado (Photos)
Shakespeare: The Tempest (Photos)
Aeschylus: Seven Against Thebes (Photos)
Sophocles: Antigone (Photos)
Gheon: The Comedian (The story of Genesius) (Photos)
Aristophanes: The Birds (Photos)
Ballet Under the Stars featuring Ballet Quad Cities